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Coat Colour

Hairs are tipped with the appropriate colour with a narrow silver-white band at the roots, which can be seen only on parting the hair.

Undercoat silver-white. In repose the cat appears to be solid coloured, but in motion the silver-white undercoat is clearly visible.

The cats are silvery around the eyes and have silvery frown markings.
Frill and ear tufts are silver-white.
A smoke cat without ghost tabby markings is preferred.


  •  A smoke cat is a cat of contrast.

  •  Often kittens have some marks or reverse contrast, which usually disappear with the development of the kitten.



SMOKE (solid)                                                                     n/a/b/c/d/e/o/p s


EMS code

 Nose leather/

 Paw pads

 ns    Black smoke /  black tipped

 black or seal
 as    Blue smoke / blue/grey tipped  blue-grey
 bs    Chocolate smoke / chocolate tipped  milk-chocolate/ cinnamon to  milk chocolate
 cs    Lilac smoke /lilac tipped with a slightly pinkish tone  lavander-pink
 ds    Red smoke / red tipped  pink
 es    Creme smoke /creme tipped  pink
 os    Cinnamon smoke / warm cinnamon-brown tipped  cinnamon-brown/ cinnamon-brown to pinkish brown
 ps    Fawn smoke / warm beige fawn (beige-buff) tipped  pinkish fawn
 fs    Black tortie smoke /colour of tipping as for f  as for f
 gs   Blue tortie smoke / colour of tipping as for g  as for g
 hs   Chocolate tortie smoke /colour of tipping as for h  as for h
 js    Lilac tortie smoke /colour of tipping as for j  as for j
 qs   Cinnamon tortie smoke /colour of tipping as for q  as for q
 rs    Fawn tortie smoke /colour of tipping as for r  as for r







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SHADED / SHELL - 11/12


Coat Colour

Hairs are tipped with the appropriate colour. Tipping as even as possible.

Tipping shading down from the back to the flanks and lighter on the front of the legs.

The coat on the head, ears, back, flanks and upper side of the tail must be tipped with colour.

Chin, ear tufts, chest and belly, inside of the legs and underside of the tail must be without tipping.

Eye/Nose rims

Eyes and nose leather outlined with the colour of the tipping, an even, distinct nose/eye rim is preferred.


This description applies to all Shaded/Shell varieties.






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